Data Protection at Rapid Planning

Rapid Planning takes the protection of your data very seriously and we want you to feel secure when visiting our websites. Here, we explain which kind of data we collect and how it is used.

Anonymous and ad-free usage

Surf anonymously on the pages of We do not collect personal information without your explicit consent and we do not create user profiles. Our sites are ad-free and therefore, do not include tracking programs from advertisers, who track your surfing behaviour.

Personal data

Personal data, such as your name, telephone number or e-mail address will only be provided to us, if you provide us with this information - for example, because you would like to subscribe to a newsletter. We store this data as long as you want to use the corresponding service, after which it will be deleted. We treat your personal data confidentially and do not pass it on to third parties. 

log data

When you access our web pages, your browser sends a series of technical data that is logged by the servers of our hosting provider Strato AG. Your IP address, your browser ID and domain, the name of the retrieved file, the date and time of the retrieval, the amount of data transferred and the successful retrieval are recorded in a log file. All data in the log files are without direct personal reference and are not merged with your possibly deposited personal data. The log data are only for internal purposes and will not be shared with third parties. For example, we use them to correct technical errors, or to ensure that no unauthorized persons have gained access to our systems.

Statistical data

Separated from personal data and the log data, we collect statistical data in a separate procedure, which document the use of our Internet offers. With the help of this data, we analyse, for example, which areas of our offer are used most frequently or which videos were called on a particular day or how often. At no time do we carry out a concrete observation of our users as identifiable persons. When you visit our website, your usage data will be included in the statistical surveys without any conclusions about you as a person.

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