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AT-Verband (AT-Association) stands for advanced socially- and environmentally-sound technology practice. AT-Verband has been registered in Germany as a non-profit organisation since 1988. The 30 members are independent consultants, researchers, trainers, institutes and consultancy companies. AT stands for a qualified technology practice that enhances conscious choice by the users and enables them to develop or apply technical solutions that are in their own genuine interest. AT-Verband is committed to this objective. It aims to qualify its members and society at large for rational and sustainable technology practice, and to cooperate with public and commercial institutions for that end. AT-Verband members are frequently contracted as consultants by a broad range of German and international organizations. Their tasks range from short-term planning and evaluation missions through research, capacity building and periodic backstopping to full-fledged implementation of development and other cooperation programmes. Recently, AT-Verband was involved in Research & Development projects, such as MODULAARE and IGNIS, and in projects of Siemens Foundation on social entrepreneurship in waste management in Nairobi (Kenya), the Siemens Foundation’s “Empowering People Award”, and development of the corresponding web-based technology platform “Empowering People Network”. 



Dieter Steinbach (Joint Project Director)

Andrea Schultheis (Joint Project Manager)

Dr. Oliver Assmann

Dr. Norbert Hueber (Associated Scientist)

Prof. Dr. Erwin Thomanetz (Associated company GCTU)

Marcus Mangeot (Associated company Crossdocs)

Barry Claude Urban (Associated company Spondulics cc)




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