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With 12,000 students, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, founded as Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main in 1971, is a leading Institution of Higher Education that systematically combines scientific approaches with practical application. Within its four faculties – Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geomatics; Computer Science and Engineering; Business and Law and, finally, Health and Social Work – it offers a wide range of study courses at undergraduate and graduate level and is involved in a steadily growing number of important research projects. Within Faculty 1: Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics, research is bundled within the Frankfurt Research Institute for Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geomatics (FFin). The Institute has an interdisciplinary range of about 35 researchers in the fields of sustainable planning and building. Research experience, gained in cooperative projects with private enterprises, public institutions and municipal authorities, is focused on urban development and land management; urbanization in a global context; renewable energies in the context of land management; energy efficiency, with regards to materials, building constructions and usage; strategies for the adjustment to the demographic change in planning and building; (electro)mobility and also geo-information as basis for planning and building. The Faculty 1 International Masters Programme Urban Agglomerations (M.Sc.), targeting urban development in a worldwide perspective, is closely related to the Rapid Planning research project.



Prof. Dr. Michael Peterek

Dr. Ulrike Reichhardt

Yaman Hebbo

Olga Korovina

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