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IZES is a non-profit research institute associated to the Saarland University of Applied Sciences (HTW Saar). The interdisciplinary team is composed of researchers who have backgrounds in engineering, economics, forestry, energy, social sciences, law, chemistry and computer sciences. IZES supports environmental and climate protection together with sustainable development through applied research in the fields of future technologies and future markets as well as through system and stakeholder management. The research activities are organized in two research departments, Material Flow Management and Energy Markets as well as in five research groups, Infrastructure and Urban Development, Rural Area and Resources, Social-Scientific Energy Research, Technical Innovations and Applied Solar Technology. IZES addresses the local, the national and the international level and cooperates with decision-makers and administrations, universities and other research institutions plus the industrial and SME sectors.



Prof. Frank Baur

Mike Speck

Ulrike Schinkel

Katja Weiler

Denise Zeyer

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