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The research and teaching institute Planning Building Environment offers an extraordinary and rare profile of planning-, space- and construction-related sciences. The chair of “Landscape Architecture. Open Space Planning” is engaged in the development of landscapes and open spaces. Teaching and research is concerned with the investigation of the connection between urban and open space development in its multiple spatial, social, cultural and historical dimensions and perspectives on very different scales. It focuses on strategies of contemporary and future development and production of space in a national and international context. The chair is part of the Innovation Center – Habitat Design. As an interdisciplinary collaboration it deals with ecological, economic, social and technological aspects of highly complex urban systems. It kicks off new research topics and co-operations and increases the visibility of space-related research activities at TU Berlin on national and international levels.



Prof. Undine Giseke

Christoph Kasper

Juliane Brandt

Katharina Lindschulte

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