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The Institute of Energy Economics and the Rational Use of Energy (IER) carries out research and teaching on the economics and environmental aspects of energy technologies and systems. Within this field, special focus lies on the analysis of renewable energy technologies (biomass, solar radiation, wind energy, geothermal energy and so on) with respect to technological, economic, ecological and socio-political factors, the estimation of energy potentials and also the environmental impact assessment such as resource utilization, emission profiles and life-cycle assessment. The development and application of energy system and energy economic models on international, national and regional level is another important research field. These models are used to develop economic impact studies, greenhouse gas control strategies and to show the importance of different energy technologies and energy and environmental policy instruments. Software tools such as energy models, life cycle and environmental impact assessment are employed to support decision processes and develop practical and effective solutions. Current projects are being carried out nation- and worldwide, including in Africa, Asia and South America.



Dr. Ludger Eltrop

Sheetal Dattatraya Marathe

Dimitrij Chudinzow

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